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Company Jobs Direct is the only recruitment platform in the United Kingdom which gives Jobseekers direct access to the careers websites of over 100,000 UK employers all in one place.

Using our patent-pending technology, we have centralised the careers websites of UK employers and their associated careers inboxes, making it easy for Jobseekers to find information about companies and the vacancies that they have to offer, without the use of recruitment intermediaries.

Job Application Scheduler (JASTM)
Many employers actively encourage speculative CV's from candidates with the right matching set of skills and experience, but typically, they want these CV's to go a dedicated careers inbox where they can be carefully considered and not clog up the companies business and other email addresses.

Our new Job Application Scheduler (JAS) let's you engage actively with these employers. It can send your CV automatically to the careers inbox of employers matching your job criteria each day, week, or month. This can save you hours of time when looking for work as you will only get responses from employers who are interested in your skills.

Our new platform lets you find work independently of recruitment intermediaries faster than any other UK job site. We provide a transparent service. The jobs displayed on our platform are listed on the employer's own careers pages, therefore you can be sure of the employer's validity and the accuracy of the information displayed.

How It Works

UK Jobs Direct
UK Careers Websites

You can search for vacancies by job title, business sector, or location and apply for jobs directly on the employer's own careers website. Alternatively, use our Job Application Scheduler(JAS) to automatically send your CV to the careers inbox of new employers matching your search criteria each day, week or month. You can view your applications and print JAS reports in your account settings.

The application and interview process is controlled entirely by the employer. Review the information on the employer's own careers site to ensure that your skills and experience matches their jobs and that the culture of the organisation is right for you.

CV Database

Our CV Database lets you upload your CV so that employers can find you directly. There are significant savings on agency fees for an employer if they can find the right candidate directly, so be sure to register your CV.

Our Careers Websites Directory, CV Database and Job Application Scheduler(JAS) work together to provide skilled candidates and employers with the most cost-effective opportunity to find each other in the United Kingdom today.

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Employer Services

Employer Services

Our new platform brings together the careers websites of over 100,000 UK employers into one easy search. We let candidates with the skills that you need quickly find your careers pages and the jobs that you have to offer - NO JOB POSTINGS ARE REQUIRED!. The jobs are already on your own careers pages which are directly accesible by our candidates through this platform.

Your careers website is an extension of your employer brand and represents your best opportunity to educate and sell candidates on why they should want to work for your organisation. Pictures, videos, infographics - a glimpse into your company culture is what is required to attract the best candidates in today's competitive environment.

How It Works

By registering with us, you make your careers website accessible to thousands of candidates visiting our platform each month who may not otherwise be aware of your company or the vacancies which you have to offer.
Candidates search in our platform by job title, industry sector, or location. Your careers website is displayed to candidates when their search criteria matches your vacancy profile. Candidates enter your website and apply for jobs directly.

Our CV Database is updated daily with skilled workers registering their interest in finding new career opportunities. Download CVs and contact candidates directly, you are in total control. We simply help you to elevate your careers website and expose your company’s brand and culture.


Database Access - Access our database of Candidate CVs.
Saved CVs - Save Unlimited number of CVs for later viewing.
Direct Contact - Contact Candidates directly.
Targetted Applications - Receive Targetted CV applications from candidates.
User Analytics - See pageviews and clicks to your careers site from our platform.

HR testimonial

 We've always relied on job boards to attract our candidates, but using this site as well, just gives us the chance to create a better first impression.

Gina L, HR Manager, Peterborough



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Management Team

Our Team

Management team
Managing Director

Nigel Demming - Managing Director

Nigel is an IT professional who founded Company Jobs Direct Ltd in 2014 after identifying a gap in the market for a centralised careers website platform for skilled professionals. Nigel has worked extensively in the private and public sector.

Social Media Manager

Gillian Rixey - Social Media Manager

Gillian is a PhD qualified writer and Administrator. She is a qualified and experienced educator most notably at third-level (university) and a published writer. Gillian maintains the company Blog and overseas our Social Media pages.

Web Researcher

Mariam Azeem - Data Administration

Mariam is an experienced Web Researcher and data entry specialist who manages and maintains the underlying data layer of the UK Jobs platform. Mariam holds a Master's Degree in accounting from Lahore Government College University.

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