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We host the largest directory in the UK of over 30,000 company career web sites, providing a fast new method for job seekers to find work.

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Upload your CV today and let those employers who prefer to recruit directly find you more easily. We'll send you our free ebook "Finding the perfect job".

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"I work in IT and I find this site to be a god send when looking for work. At my age the recruiters had begun to overlook my CV, but I've just found another great position in Dundee. A big thumbs up."

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Sundip 57, s/w Developer
"I'd been thinking about a career change for ages. I came across your site, and to my surprise, I identified a local employer in my own backyard!...and they have just taken me on. Thank you Company Jobs Direct."

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Lucille 29, Project Manager
"I hate using Recruitment Agents, so I was really happy to see how easy it was to identify potential employers. I bookmarked 10 sites applied for 3 positions and got 2 offers. I'm a fan for life!"

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Linda 47, Auditor
"Leaving University two years ago with a degree in engineering I must've sent out hundreds of applications. Half of the companies on your site I'd never even heard of, but one of them has now made me an offer. Cheers!.

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David 26, Thermal Engineer